Post-Arrest Services

The 8th amendment of the United States Constitution states;

"Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted"-Ratified December 15th, 1791

In light of the constitutional guarantee against excessive bail, there are certain circumstances where bail may not be granted such as for particularly violent crimes, crimes of a sexual nature or if the Magistrate/Presiding Judge has reason to believe the defendant will attempt to flee the Commonwealth to avoid prosecution.

However, most charges people find themselves facing are bond-eligable and are granted by a Magistrate within a few hours. If the Magistrate decides instead to refer the bond issue to a court, the defendant will remain in custody until a bond hearing can be held, usually within 48 to 72 hours.


Call Kevin Johnson

If you have been arrested, call Kevin Johnson at KJ Bail Bonds (757) 737-5668

Kevin can assist clients at all South side jail facilities as well as those on the Peninsula.

Kevin Johnson will help you or your friend/loved one get the support they need at this critical time so everyone can start putting things back together.

KJ Bail Bonds also has competitive, reasonable rates for services rendered and can work with any budget to insure flexible payment options.

If you currently have will soon experience legal problems, the first step is getting out. Write this number down somewhere you won't lose it-

(757) 737-5668


KJ Bail Bonds Can Help You-Online

KJ Bail Bonds is ready to serve your needs at this critical time in-person, over-the-phone or via the Internet.

Please call Kevin at (757) 737-5668 to arrange a meeting to discuss your options or,

If you are located in another part of the Hampton Roads area, Commonwealth of Virginia or the United States, we can help you online.

KJ Bail Bonds can also process online payments with a credit card to help you faster.

Downloadable Documents

Administrative Fee Schedule (pdf)

Bail Bond Agreement (pdf)